Mission Statement

We provide a Christ-Centered, Spirit-Guided “Hour-with-God’s-Word” experience to our attendees.  Our teaching will always be Bible-based and always simple enough for our most novice listeners to understand.  “Life itself was in Him, and this life gives light to everyone…” (John 1:4)


In doctrine, we are a conservative, evangelical church.  The Holy Bible is God’s unchanging, fully-inspired Word that will serve as our guide for living.

The eternally Triune God in three persons: the Father, Son and Spirit.

In forgiveness of sin through repentance and the grace of Jesus Christ, the “lamb of God”, the sacrifice for mankind

That Jesus Christ was fully God and Fully man, was sinless, was slain in sacrifice for our sins, rose from the dead on the third day and sits in judgment of man and that He will return in Glory to earth one day.

That God’s Holy Spirit is ever-present in all Christians who accept Jesus Christ, and that Spirit works constantly in the lives of believers.